"I have worked with Mr. Machan since 1992 (18 years). Over that period of time we have done a lot of business not only for myself and my partners but also for numerous clients and other family members. The reason I do business with Les for this length of time is because of the confidence that I have with him and for the efforts that he has made to try to accommodate me and the aforementioned individuals over the years. I mentioned family including my 95 year old mother. Prior to meeting Les I dealt with various other agents, but like most agents who sell and move on, Les always kept in touch and continued to service me as best he could for these years.

Being a professional man and aprreciating working with professionals I found Les to be very professional and worthy of my business. My style is to identify and work closely with individuals who I have implicit confidence in. Les meets that criteria. Therefore I have never had any sleepless nights or worries.

One of the concerns that I had over the years which led to one of the first major purchases was the “Income Maximizer” that was purchased from the them Colonial Life Insurance. Being a self-employed professional chartered accountant, I was looking for a product that I could contribute to on a regular basis that would gime me significant insurance coverage while at the same time allow me to save funds for my ultimate retirement. I am grateful for this acquisition since it has given me peace of mind and enabled me to realize my goal so that when I ultimately step down from my busy accounting practice I will have adequate funds to fund what I hope will be a very comfortable life style retirement."


Steven T. Tabac, CA

“Since I first met Leslie Machan in 1991, he has been a trusted and dependable financial advisor to me and my family. His innovative and often unique financial advice coupled with his intense dynamic work and value ethics have provided me with sound and focussed financial strategies. Honest and professional, sincere and hardworking, he is truly a pleasure to deal with.”

Micheal Boychuk
Senior Vice-President and Treasurer
BCE/Bell Canada

“I had been a client for many decades with a major Canadian financial institution. I can honestly say that I never received the same type of innovative, custom-fit advice as I am now getting from Leslie Machan, Sr. And his staff. They are attentive, sincere and well-prepared when they meet with me. They are always available and they are focused 100% on my needs in respect of tax and financial planning. I recommend them to anyone with similar needs to mine.”

Terry G. Didus
Heenan Blaikie

“The innovative investment vehicle and creative tax strategies proposed by the Pension Planning Centre have permitted me to realize both my short and long term financial goals. Their expertise and personalized professional client service have surpassed my expectations.”

Peter L.
Montreal, Qc

"What is more important than planning for your retirement? I believe it to be one of our greatest preoccupations. Since we met in 1995, Leslie Machan has listened, focused in and minimized my concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his team for their expertise, reliability and cordial service."

Remo Zeppilli

“I’ve worked with many financial planners over my career as a Financial and Business Consultant. Leslie Sr. was and still is the first one to come up with insightful and creative solutions to maximize the return on my investment opportunities. He looks at every angle, especially the tax implications of a situation in order to attain the best after- tax benefit. I have made very good returns on every opportunity to maximize my wealth and to secure and protect my family and estate.”

Dominic Deveaux
Founder & CEO
Altera Management Inc.

“Prior to meeting Les Sr., my husband and I were mainly focused on saving for retirement, once a year, at RRSP time. This we did well. However, once saved, we did not manage these assets for the long term. Our savings were scattered among various institutions and we never really kept track of how well these investments were doing or, more importantly, could do with other institutions. We were busy earning a living and we did not have much time (or, dare I say, interest) in learning how to manage our investments. But, luckily, my husband was one day so outraged by the low return of one investment that he made that one telephone call that led us to Les Sr. Now, as my husband has already retired and I am approaching it, we have no regrets in how we managed our retirement funds. Thank you, Les, for maximizing our savings and ensuring a retirement with options.”

Antoinette C

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