Ever dream of being financially independent? Our day-to-day lives are often so busy that we don’t get a chance to sit down and take a “big picture” approach to our finances. An approach that examines not just our income, debt and investments, but considers our goals and dreams for a happy and healthy future. But where do you start?

Take this quiz and get a quick and easy snapshot of your current financial DNA. It will also help point out some areas that might have been overlooked. It’s an informative and effective way to get a picture of your financial status, and you will not be asked to submit any personal or confidential information.

To arrange a more in-depth Financial DNA Needs Analysis with one of our qualified financial consultants, don’t hesitate to contact us at (514) 866-3221, or use our contact form, and we will arrange a mutually convenient time to help you reach your goals. It’s free and there is absolutely no obligation.

How would you describe yourself?

I know my monthly expenses and always try to put aside a little bit for a rainy day. But, it’s not always as much as I would like.

I like to live in the moment. I don’t have an exact sense of what I spend, but I’ve earned the right to spoil myself a little.

I’d say I have a pretty good handle on my finances. I live comfortably and I save regularly.

I’m confident. I expect to pay off my debts earlier than expected.

Currently I am paying off...

A mortgage...

A car loan...

Student loans...

Credit cards...

Other loans/debts...

I feel POSITIVE that...

My hard-earned investments are protected from creditors.

My money is growing on the most tax efficient basis.

Market fluctuations don’t worry or affect me.

Health & Wellbeing - How would you describe your general health?
I am POSITIVE that...

If I was suddenly disabled or became critically ill, I’d have adequate protection.

My assets would be secure in the face of a lawsuit.

My estate would be easily settled and family would know my wishes, if I were to pass away tomorrow.

If something unexpected were to happen, I’d have access to an emergency fund.

How are you and your family currently protected?

I have life insurance.

I have health insurance.

I have life and health insurance.

I’m covered under my employer.

I don’t have any insurance at all.

I would like to save for...

A new car.

A vacation.

My child’s education.

A home.

My retirement.


I know my goals for the next...

1 to 4 years.

5 to 9 years.

10 years and over.

How many years from now do you expect to retire?

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