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Four Deadly Mistakes NOT to Make When Purchasing Term Insurance

Watch our three-part video series to learn about the four deadly mistakes NOT to make when you’re purchasing term insurance. Once you’re equipped with these helpful tips, call us at 514-866-3221 or get your free term insurance quote now!

The Power of Deferral

Michael Nairne, Financial Post · Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 Wealthy people have a peculiar problem. Yes, they pay a boatload of taxes, but that alone is not the issue. Much of the income of many high net worth investors is taxed at the highest marginal rate. With top marginal rates approaching 50% on interest and other income for most Canadians, this tax bite seriously erodes investment returns. Take a bond yielding 4%, for example. At a 50% tax rate, the after-tax return is only 2%. That is just the tip of the iceberg. This calculation fails to consider inflation. Net Read more…

My Story … Louise

Watch My Story … Louise, a first-person account of the financial impact of a critical illness.

Cancer treatment costs can be painful, Most would have hard time paying, poll finds

Most Canadians say that if they were diagnosed with cancer, the out-of-pocket cost of treating the disease would be a drain on their personal finances, with more than half calling it a “major” impact once the prices of newer drugs are factored in.

Canadian Term Insurance Video

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